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SAS Workshop 2018 (2018/sas)


(Preliminary AGENDA)

Wednesday, November 28rd, 2018
08:45h Registration & Coffee Greeting
9:30-10:30h Michael Resch/ Andreas Kaminski, Rühle Saal
Epistemic Opacity: Outlines of a Research Program
10:30-10:45h Coffee Break
Session I - Room: Shanghai Session I - Room: Hilbert
10:45-11:30h Arianna Borrelli/Martin Warnke
Switching on the lights inside the black box: how computer simulations observe the unobservable
Gašper Štukelj
Neural network as an architectural principle
11:30-12:15h Julie Jebeile
Epistemic opacity of computer simulations: a black-boxing feature
Carlos Zednik
Opacity, Marr, and the Norms of Explainable AI
Afternoon Session
14:00-15:00h Hans Hasse / Johannes Lenhard, Rühle Saal
The Surprisingly Intricate Link Between Models and Simulations - and How it Creates Opacity
Session III - Room: Shanghai Session IV - Room: Hilbert
15:15-16:00h Nicole Saam
Measuring epistemic opacity
Dilectiss Liu/Fiorella Battaglia
Why Justification for Machine Learning is not Undermined by Epistemic Opacity
16:00-16:45h Iñaki San Pedro
Degrees of Epistemic Opacity
Cameron Beebe
Black Boxes or Rube Goldberg Machines? Neural Networks as Ashby Regulators
17:15-18:15h Coffee Break
17:15-18:15h Paul Humphreys, Rühle Saal
Epistemic Opacity: Sources, Varieties, and Epistemological Consequences
19:00h Dinner at Römerhof
Thursday, November 29th, 2018
9:30-10:30h Uwe Küster / Ralf Schneider / José Gracia, Rühle Saal
"In priniciple", there is no Epistemic Opacity? Comments from the perspective of simulation-scientific practice
10:30-10:45h Coffee Break
Session V - Room: Shanghai Session VI - Room: Hilbert
10:45-11:30h Kathleen Creel
Three Forms of Transparency in Scientific Machine Learning
Henri Salha
Epistemic opacity and understanding: Simon on complexity and hierarchies
11:30-12:15h Koray Karaca
Distinguishing between algorithmic opacity and epistemic opacity in the context of machine learning applications
Thomas Durlacher
Epistemic opacity in agent-based models of social phenomena
Afternoon Session
14:00-15:00h Anouk Barberousse, Rühle Saal
Epistemic opacity and reasoning
Session VII - Room: Shanghai Session VIII - Room: Hilbert
15:15-16:00h Marius Wälchli
Strategies for Handling Epistemically Opaque Big Data
Jon Leefmann/Steffen Lesle
Learning to doubt. Epistemic opacity in computer simulations and the analogy from expert testimony
16:00-16:45h Inkeri Koskinen/Anna-Mari Rusanen
Epistemic risks in AI-based science
Christoph Merdes
Ethical Implications of Opaque Simulations
17:15-18:15h Coffee Break
17:15-18:15h Andrea Loettgers , Rühle Saal
Multiple modelling in tackling epistemic opacity
18:15-19:15 Guided CAVE & HPC Tour, HLRS
19:00 Finger Food Dinner at HLRS
Friday, November 30th, 2018
9:30-10:30h Thomas Ludwig, Rühle Saal
Reproducibility in Computational Science
10:30-10:45h Coffee Break
Session IX - Room: Shanghai Session X - Room: Hilbert
10:45-11:30h Matthias Brandl / Johannes Lenhard
An Agnostic Strategy of Solution and the Topology of Errors
Nico Formanek / Juan Durán
Grounds for trust: Essential Epistemic Opacity and Computational Reliabilism
11:30-12:15h Michael Herrmann
Control over the system: A possible way to differentiate between experiments and computer simulations
Ramón Alvarado
Agent-Independent opacity
Afternoon Session
14:00-15:00h Julian Newman, Rühle Saal
Contingent Opacity and the Distribution of Epistemic Responsibility
Session XI - Room: Shanghai Session XII - Room: Hilbert
15:15-16:00h Benedikt Knüsel
SShedding Light on Climate Change with Black Boxes
Dennis Hoppe
On the Detection and Interpretation of Performance Variations of HPC Applications
16:00-16:45h Florian Boge/Paul Grünke
Two Levels of Opacity in High Energy Physics and Their Contingent Nature
Hildrun Lampe
On the Illusion of Simulation: Virtues and Fallacies
17:15-18:15h Coffee Break
17:15-18:15h Till Grüne-Yanoff, Aquarium
Opacity and its Discontents