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(Preliminary AGENDA)

Wednesday, 9 October 2019
8:00h Registration Desk Opens
Morning Session I (HLRS Seminar Room)
09:00h Welcome and Introduction
Michael Resch, HLRS, University of Stuttgart
09:15h Quantum-Annealing Assisted Next-Generatioon HPC for Inductive and Deductive Computing Integrated Applications
Hiroaki Kobayashi, Cyberscience Center, Tohoku University
09:45h Towards an eco-system for problem solving with HPC
Michael Resch, HLRS, University of Stuttgart
10:15h Coffee Break
Morning Session II (HLRS Seminar Room)
10:45h OpenCL-like Offload Programming on SX-Aurora TSUBASA
Hiroyuki Takizawa, Tohoku University
11:15h Skymind predicts the future of simulation with the SX-Aurora Vector engine
Eduardo Gonzalez, VP Engineering, Skymind Inc
11:45h Integration of NEC SX-Aurora into AI Frameworks
Nicolas Weber, Erich Focht, NEC
12:20h Lunch (Foyer HLRS Seminar Room)
Afternoon Session I (HLRS Seminar Room)
13:20h CFD Applications based on a Lattice Boltzmann and a Finite Volume Method
Matthias Meinke, RWTH Aachen University
13:50h Needs and Strategies for Uncertainty Quantification in Biomechanics
Ralf Schneider, HLRS
14:20h Introduction and Best Practices with Containers in HPC and Cloud
Oleksandr Shcherbakov, HLRS
14:50h Orchestration and Containers in HPC
Naweiluo Zhou, HLRS
15:20h Coffee Break
Afternoon Session II (HLRS Seminar Room)
15:50h Towards energy efficient computing based on the estimation of energy consumption by monitoring the computing resources used
Jose Miguel Montañana, HLRS
16:20h Load balancing for multi-scale coupled simulations
Neda Ebrahimi Pour, University of Siegen
16:50h Handling large numerical data-sets: Viability of a lossy compressor for CFD-simulations
Patrick Vogler, HLRS
17:20h Astrophysical MHD codes PLUTO and PIERNIK
Varadarajan Parthasarathy, HLRS
Thursday, 10 October 2019
Morning Session I (HLRS Seminar Room)
09:00h SX-Aurora TSUBASA update for data center use
Aoi Kawahara, NEC
09:30h A System and its System Parameter Selection based on Bottleneck Prediction
Kazuhiko Komatsu, Tohoku University
10:00h CFD Simulation with Microservices
Alexey Cheptsov, HLRS
10:30h Coffee Break
Morning Session II (HLRS Seminar Room)
11:00h Heatstroke Risk Managements with High-performance Computing
Ryusuke Egawa, Tohoku University
11:30h Adaptive High-Order Computation on the SX-Aurora vector system
Harald Klimach, University of Siegen
12:00h Scaling of UAP Simulation on HPC architecture
László Környei, University of Győr
12:30h Lunch (Foyer HLRS Seminar Room)
Afternoon Session (HLRS Seminar Room)
13:30h Development of a massive parallel implicit phase-field solver to investigate the sinter process
Johannes Hötzer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
14:00h Asynchronous I/O performance of SX-Aurora TSUBASA
Mitsuo Yokokawa, Kobe University
14:30h Measuring I/O performance on Lustre systems: Challenges, methods, results
Marco Seiz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:00h Farewell